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Office Space - 16 Court Street


Located at 16 Court Street in the vibrant borough of Brooklyn, DK embarked on a transformative journey to revamp this workspace, infusing it with a modern and aesthetically pleasing ambiance. The goal was to breathe new life into the previously dated and uninspiring areas, including lobby, elevators, and corridors.

 DK meticulously crafted contemporary and innovative office spaces that catered to the modern office's dynamic needs. This ambitious project encompassed a wide range of improvements, including intricate millwork paneling for a sophisticated touch, office buildouts to accommodate modern work requirements, plush carpeting for added comfort, and concrete floor polishing to create a sleek and polished finish throughout the renovated space.


The result is a workspace that not only meets the demands of the modern business world but also exudes an inviting and inspiring atmosphere for employees and visitors alike.

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